In a short period of time vaping has gone from an alternative to smoking to a possible health crisis for America. The latest news on vaping safety reveals more than 1,000 confirmed cases of lung injury this year. These are being attributed to vape products. Furthermore, there have been 26 deaths in 21 States.

  • 76% of these cases reported using a cannabis vape with or without nicotine

What Do They Know

Medical professionals and cannabis industry leaders are joining forces to determine what’s causing the epidemic and how to protect citizens. It’s been reported that the vape products making people sick are counterfeit cartridges filled with untested and unlicensed cannabis distillate. These counterfeit products highlight the thriving black market that plagues the California legal cannabis industry.

The black market exists is to undercut the legal trade., furthermore the only way it can do that is to cut very expensive distillate with vitamin E, MCT oil, or honey. The illegal cannabis trade is only out for profit. Therefore, concern about compliance processes that would detect any pesticides or other harmful metals is not part of their business model.

Nonetheless cutting agents, processing solvents, and pesticides end up in the counterfeit cannabis vape cartridge that the average consumer cannot detect from a legal product. 

The Role of Marketing

counterfeit vape packageMarketing is playing a huge role in the overall problem. Bootleggers can buy counterfeit packaging and cartridge hardware. It’s cheap and can be filled with anything. Kingpen, a legitimate cannabis brand, has made recent efforts to revamp their packaging. The strategy is meant to address counterfeiting issues and play a role in consumer safety.  The paper box will be replaced with a traceable metal box that can be validated online for product authenticity.

This type of proactive approach is going to be required of all cannabis brands. Especially if they’re meant to survive the lack of public confidence the vaping crisis has caused. 

Latest News On Vaping Safety Insights

A cooperative effort between public health officials, cannabis industry leaders, and the vaping public is needed to address the current vaping crisis in this country. Cannabis industry leaders are finding ways to outsmart the black market. Public health officials are informing the general public of the possible dangers of vaping. Lastly, consumers can help protect themselves by shopping at licensed cannabis dispensaries. All of the products at a licensed cannabis dispensary are lab-tested and certified compliant with the State. Finding out if a cannabis dispensary is licensed is real easy in California. Simply visit the Bureau of Cannabis Control’s license database for the most up to date information. In addition, a licensed dispensary will have qualified staff that answers questions and guides you to the best experience.

Our knowledgeable staff at Ganjah Guru is happy to discuss cannabis vaping and introduce you to top-quality brands. We consider your health and safety a priority and that is always reflected in our product selection.