CBD is being studied as an alternative medicine to treat a host of conditions for humans and pets alike. Some of these are physical syndromes and others are mental in nature, like depression and anxiety. Knowing how to choose the right CBD for anxiety can be the beginning of a calmer existence.

Though, it’s important to note that the scientific community has not conducted enough research to determine that CBD is effective at treating anxiety. However, that doesn’t discount the abundant testimonials in favor of this therapy.

The Hunt For a Quality CBD

CBD tinctureInitially, the hunt for a quality CBD should begin with a lab-tested and compliant CBD product. This is a really important first step since CBD is still unregulated. Furthermore, failing to buy a compliant product could result in using a potentially harmful formula. Or at the very least a placebo. Since most people take CBD to be healthier, the potential for a counterfeit product could negate any of that effort.

Co2 Extraction Results in Cleaner CBD

Once you’ve found a licensed dispensary to purchase your CBD products from, ask for Co2 extracted oils. Cannabis oil made with the Co2 process is cleaner because it can isolate all of the desired compounds and eliminate any harmful elements as waste. 

Your budtender will be able to tell you if the tincture, vape cartridge, or edible you’re considering was produced using the Co2 extraction method. Or if the oil in the product was extracted with the less desirable use of solvents. Hint: Stay away from solvents

Priority Number One

CBD is available in nearly every kind of cannabis product so identifying how you want to ingest it needs to be priority number one. Finding a product with the right ratio of CBD for anxiety might be challenging since there are no fast rules established yet by science. Every human’s system is different, so some experimentation will be required to get it right.

Methods for Trying CBD For Anxiety

Cannabis experts recommend known methods that can help ease you into using CBD for anxiety. The first is titration, which is simply the practice of taking a small dose of CBD (5mg), waiting a period of time and then repeating the small dose until the first sign of effects.  Another way to see if CBD will be effective is to microdose. Similar to titration, micro-dosing is when a small dose of 5 mg or less is taken each day for a duration of time to reap maximum benefit. Some people report experiencing more of their desired outcome when they use smaller doses as recommended in micro-dosing. 

Trying CBD for anxiety hasn’t been scientifically proven to help, but it hasn’t been proven to hurt either. Our knowledgeable staff can help you find a premium CBD product. Order online or call us to talk it over, we’re happy to help.