The world of cannabis is a big one. There are numerous types on the market, with more than 750 strains and a vast array of different products. To someone new to cannabis, the sheer number of options can feel overwhelming at first. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the different cannabis types that people use most.

Cannabis Categories

One of the first things you’ll notice about many cannabis dispensary menus, whether you’re looking in-person or online, is that the various strains often get divided up into one of three categories: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid.

Many people believe that these categories refer to the types of effects you feel when you use them. They say Indicas are relaxing and can help you to sleep, while Sativas are energizing and mentally stimulating. Hybrids offer a combination of the two.

What these categories actually refer to is the physical characteristics of the plant. So, while some Indicas are physically relaxing and some Sativas are mentally stimulating, not all strains fit neatly into these classifications. Even so, many look to Indicas to help alleviate pain and fall asleep at night or take Sativas to help with anxiety and daytime pain relief.

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Popular Cannabis Types

There are numerous cannabis products on the market right now. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular:


Despite the massive growth of the cannabis market in recent years, cannabis flowers are still one of the top products around. There’s something nostalgic about grinding buds to roll and smoke the perfect joint. This method is both relaxing and provides quick relief.


Vaping has become a popular alternative to smoking. While it still involves inhalation, you’re not inhaling the same ash and carcinogens as you are with a joint. This method also provides fast-acting results.


Tinctures are a form of cannabis that you can use in a few ways. You can take it sublingually for the fastest results. You can also add a few drops to your favorite food or drink, or you can use it topically. No matter which method you choose, tinctures are discreet and easy to use.


Edibles are quite possibly the tastiest way to get your cannabis dose. There are numerous types of baked goods, confections, coffees, sparkling water, juice, and other beverages. They’re easy to dose and even easier to ingest.


Concentrates are the most potent form of cannabis on the market. These products involve extracting and concentrating the cannabinoids and terpenes in a plant to create products that have as much as 90% or more THC. They provide fast, potent relief, and you can use them in a variety of ways. One of the most popular methods of consumption for these products is dabbing.

How to Find What’s Right for You

Finding the right products may take a bit of time, especially if you’ve never used cannabis before. First, consider your specific needs. Why are you using cannabis? Are you looking to alleviate specific ailments? If so, which ones? Consider your lifestyle. Do you want to smoke, or would you prefer something more discreet?

You should also pay attention to the THC and CBD content of the products. Read the labels to see the ratio. High THC low CBD products are more likely to produce the well-known high associated with cannabis. If you’re looking to avoid those effects, look for higher CBD lower THC options.

When you consider your needs and your goals, as well as the types of cannabis that best fit your preferences, you’re sure to narrow down your selection and find what works best for you. If you’re not sure, ask your friendly cannabis expert for help.